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  • Kurtiss Edwards

    My son attends this school and loves it! Small class size, individualized instruction with wonderful teachers, and a beautiful campus. My son has excelled academically at Hillsboro! I have met the science teacher and I am very impressed with his knowledge, care for the students and enthusiasm to teach!

  • Connie Edwards Post author

    This is a wonderful school that uses the Montessori philosophy for education. Small class sizes are a plus as the students receive individualized instruction. This school has grades, toddler – 12th. I have one son that graduated and another son that is in 9th grade. Both have excelled at this school! My son that graduated was definitely prepared for college and is about to start his master’s. This school instills a love of learning in the students that propel them to be life long learners! Check out their webpage or facebook page for more information!

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